Sunday, July 3, 2011

My 1st Art Rage Ipad painting

This is the first painting I've done on my Ipad. I tried a few other painting apps like Inspire Pro and ArtStudio. Art Rage is by far the best and most comprehensive drawing and painting app I've used. The only thing stopping all of these apps from becoming a truly powerful tool is the inability to use pen pressure to vary things like opacity and line weight. That inability makes the painting process on the Ipad in all of these painting apps just a bit tedious. Apple, please work on this.


Jeffrey Lai said...

Hey Matt!
I'll be there doin abita both,
it would be awesome to meet ya!
I'm gonna be at the Weta booth
(while I don't actually work there, its a kinda weird situation haha)
if you have twitter or some smartphone chat app email it to me and i'll add ya! (what a fun way to find pple amongst crazy)

Diana Thewlis said...

Hi Matt,
Glad to see you're doing so well in your career. I just finished illustrating a book. Am teaching for the AAU online again in the spring. Wanted to tell you, if you don't already know, about the new Wacom Inkling. It gives you that pressure sensitivity you are wanting and don't have with iPad.
Did you cut off your ponytail? Aww.